Your cells. Your cure.

Our Science

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Personalized Stem Cell Lines

We take your skin cells and reprogram them into induced pluripotent stem cells. These cells can become any cell type in the body, including dopaminergic neurons to treat Parkinson’s disease.


Superior Genomic Quality Control

Aspen Scientists use innovative genomic approaches to ensure that the cells we use are high quality and do not harbor any harmful genetic mutations.

Our History


It all started when…

Summit for Stem Cell was founded in 2011 because of a desire from Parkinson’s patients to fund a stem cell-based therapy for their disease. Summit started as a small group of friends raising money for a cause they believed in and grew into a large organization with supporters all over the world. Summit funded the work in Jeanne Loring’s lab at The Scripps Research Institute to develop an autologous neuron replacement program.